We have made information gathering simple for you, and for us.
We get our "paperwork" out of the way before you come to meet with us,
so you don't need to fill in forms at the office.
We are usually on time and can promptly sit down with you to start talking.

Please give us some information by typing directly into the boxes below. 
It is okay if the questions written in each box get erased when you write in your information.
It is okay to be brief in your answers, but be sure the contact information and insurance information you enter here are correct.
Get out your health insurance card
AND your driver's license or ID card.
Do this before you send this page to us.

When you are through typing in your information, press the "Submit" button.  Thank you.
Send us an image of the front and another image of the back of your insurance card.

Also send an image of the front of your driver's license or other ID.

You may take photos of your cards (with your phone perhaps)
or use a scanner.
Text these photos to Dr. Griffith 919 260-5894
or email them to Dr. Griffith

If you found that you could NOT send to us the photos/scans as above,
please type into the box below what is written on your insurance card about your insurance company and you
and type into the last box your name and address and date of birth as given on your driver's license or identification card.