We have made information gathering simple for you, and for us. We get our "paperwork" out of the way before you come to meet with us,
so you don't need to fill in forms at the office. This helps us be usually right on time to sit down with you to start talking.

Please give us some information by typing directly into the boxes below. 
It is okay if the questions written in each box get erased when you write in your information.
It is okay to be brief in your answers, but be sure the contact information and insurance information you enter here are correct.

There are many clients we would love to work with, but who cannot see us when we can see them.
Thus, scheduling is our first concern before you share information and try to make an appointment with us.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  We only see clients on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  If you cannot meet on one of those days,
we cannot work with you.  Thank you for being interested in us, but there is no need to proceed.

ALSO IMPORTANT: Since the majority of our clients meet with us weekly, at the same time each week, we may need to wait for a time slot to open (e.g., with a current client's "graduation" from therapy or change in their own schedule) before we can schedule you for your preferred time.  WE TRY HARD TO ACCOMODATE YOU. We do NOT want getting to your therapy appointments to be an additional stressor for you.
Now we NEED you to do this: Get out your health insurance card
AND your driver's license or ID card.
Do this before you send this page to us.

When you are through typing in your information in the boxes above and have submitted to us the insurance and ID information as asked above
THEN press the "Submit" button.  Thank you.
Send us an image of the front and another image of the back of your insurance card.

Also send an image of the front of your driver's license or other state ID.

You may take photos of your cards (with your phone perhaps) or use a scanner/copier.
Text the photos to this confidential office phone number 919 428-9579.
(You can call first to hear the answering message, to be sure you dialed the number correctly.)
If it is easier for you to do, instead email your photos as attachments to this confidential office address: creativesolutionsforms@gmail.com
When you have given us what we have asked for to this point, you are ready to click on the red SUBMIT button below. Thank You!

However, if you believe that you canNOT send to us the photos/scans as above
you need to do this:
Send us an email to susangriffith@gmail.com with all of the following information included.
(We know that is a lot to do It is much easier for us both if you send us photos/copies.)

Type into an email the name of your insurance company
the number given for the specific insurance policy that covers you
whether it is an individual policy or one for you as a dependent
your name as written on the insurance card
your date of birth
the address used for you by your insurance company, even if you do not live there
any information on the back of the card about where online your coverage can be viewed,
how doctors can contact the insurance company with questions about your coverage,
and where claims can be submitted, with code used for online billing
NOTE: We reply to most inquiries on the Friday after we receive them. If you do not hear from us, please contact us again.